This is a step of the Building Stage. See the introduction for more information.

Conference Joy helps you communicate with your guests by allowing you to write messages to specific groups of guests. You can manage your groups here so that you can write messages to them later. Even though guests won't show up in your groups manager until after they register, it's important to decide ahead of time what groups you need. When you create other forms that your conference needs, you may want to assign those forms to specific groups.

  1. Automatic groups are groups that Conference Joy creates automatically from the way your guests fill out their registration  forms. While every possible group is created, you should select to use only the groups you're interested in. Because some of your registration items are directed at families, some of these registration groups will have entire families in them, but registration items that are only for individuals will have groups created that are based on those individual  guests.
  2. Custom groups are specific groups of guests that you select. Unlike registration groups, they're not based on the way they've filled out their registration forms. They're based solely upon your own needs. Even though the guests you want in these groups may not have registered yet (and, thus, you won't be able to see them yet), it will be important for you at least to label the group so that you can use it in the 'Other Forms' step.
  3. The default names of the groups can be a little weird. You can edit the name to be something more useful.