This is a step of the Building Stage. See the introduction for more information.

This form is the keystone for your conference. We've built most of the registration form for you already so you can see the different ways that you can use it. You are building a digital form for your conference guests to use; this is different from a paper registration form in some significant ways:

  1. Conference Joy is built for family registration. There are pieces of information that apply to the whole family and other pieces that apply just to a single family member. Conference Joy splits these into two sections: "Family Information" and "Guest Information"

  2. This is a template for a registration form. When your guest sees this form, they will be able to indicate how many guests are in their family. Conference Joy shows you, the administrator, what the individual form looks like for one guest, but once your guest indicates how many people are in their family, they will see the correct number of "Guest Information" sub-forms.

  3. Your registration form is made up of registration items. A registration item is any question that you are requesting the guest to answer.

  4. These are the editing controls for the registration item. The arrows on the left can change the order. The [x] on the right deletes the item and the pencil puts you into a registration content editing mode.

  5. You can add a new registration item with this button.

  6. Conference Joy helps your guests see what items incur what fees, both on a family  level (a one-time charge) and an individual level (a per-individual charge).

  7. The total for the family and individual costs can be found here.

  8. If  you want to see what your guest will see, this can be a helpful way to double-check that you're editing the form the way you expect.