Conference Joy is a conference management system for conference admins and guests that helps you have a better conference.

For admins, Conference Joy helps you organize your conference, register your guests, manage all your guest information, and communicate with your guests. For guests, Conference Joy helps you get registered, organizes all your conference information in one place and connects you with your conference admin easily. We've designed Conference Joy to be easy to use. Whether you're a guest or an admin, Conference Joy will have you finishing up at light-speed so you can spend time doing what matters most…being with people.

There are four main sections to the Conference Joy interface:

  1. Sidebar

  2. Profile Manager

  3. Help

  4. Workspace


For the admin, Conference Joy guides you through stages in managing your conference. The sidebar tracks and organizes not just the information you need but also your next steps as you walk through these different stages. Selecting a stage step in the sidebar changes the content of the workspace where you'll do most of your work. We've built a space-age, rocket-fueled Launch Guide that goes through these stages in more detail. The guide is part of our Launch Pack that we're giving away free to anyone that subscribes to our email newsletter.

For the guest, the sidebar organizes all the necessary forms that you need to give to your admin as well as the information you need to enjoy your conference. 

Profile Manager

You can select other conferences you are part of, modify your personal information, or manage your payment information in the profile manager. If you need to exit Conference Joy, you'll find a logout button here too.


Sometimes you just need a little extra help from mission control. The Help button will bring up a support request form for you to contact us. As you type your support request, the form will suggest relevant articles that may address your concern. If your questions aren't answered, though, feel free to shoot your request our way! We'd love to answer any questions you have and make your conference awesome!


The workspace is where you edit, view, and manage your conference's information. The interface will change according to what module you've selected in the sidebar.